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Apartmani Kostović (Kostovic) - Seget Donji, near Trogir
City - Town: SEGET DONJI, near Trogir, Split area, Dalmatia, Dalmatien, Dalmazia, Croatia, Croazia, Kroatien, Chorwacja, Choravtsko, Horvatorzag, Croatie, Hrvaška, Croacia
AP1 A1 35 m2 2+1
AP2 A2 45 m2 2+2
AP3 A4 50 m2 3+1
Price: Min 20€ - Max 65€
Owner contact info
Apartmani Kostović (Kostovic) - Seget Donji, near Trogir
Milan Kostović
Telefon / Phone: Click here
E-Mail: Click here
Working months
Kuca Kostovic
Gril - otvoreni kamin
Panorama hotel Medena
Apartman 2, 2+2persons
Apartman 1, 2+1 peroson
Apartman 4, 3+1 person
Apartman 3, 2+1 person
Apartman 5, 2 persons
General info
200 m28 km Split, 100 km Zadar
6 km Split, 100 km Zadar
1,5 km         
Yes Yes Yes
Extra description

Croatia near Trogir Seget Donji apartments Kostovic. Holidays in Croatia in Seget Donji, near Trogir. Go out of your homes and meet the new and traditional Croatia. Find your best holiday in Croatia, from owners direct Croatia in private accommodation. Holiday home & rental rooms and apartments direct from owners. We welcome you to search for your ideal holiday accommodation. If you are looking for Adriatic cost holidays we are your best choice. Find your Croatian Vacation. About the accommodation unit Access to the building: accessibility to accommodation by car : good, public transportation services : good, parking space Information on the owner: knowledge of german, knowledge of english, the owner lives in the house which is rented Traffic information: distance from the pharmacy is 1 km, distance from the ambulance is 1 km, distance from the nearest exchange office 1 km, distance from the nearest gas station 1 km, distance from the town center is 1.8 km, distance from a grocery store is 300 m Distance from the accommodation building to additional facilities: distance from the bus stop is 200 m, distance from the train station 8 km, the closest train station: K. Stafilic, distance from the nearest airport is 6 km, the closest airport: Split, distance from the nearest ferry port 28 km, name of the nearest ferry port: Split, distance from a heavy traffic road 50 m Additional activities nearby: outdoor pool, sauna, organized boat excursions, tennis courts, bowling alley, table tennis, mini golf, waterslide, organized fishing, post office, bar, restaurant, bike rental, scooter rental, rent-a-sailing boat, rent-a-kayak boat, pedalo boat rental Beaches walking distance to nearest beach 400 m, type of beach : pebble beach, distance from the sea is 400m TROGIR Placed in the area of Mediterranean climate, Trogir with its 2700 sunny hours per year is a real treasure among other tourist destinations in Croatia. You can enjoy Dalmatian specialties (all kinds of sea food with olive oil) prepared with natural ingredients, or classic continental food in over 100 bistros and restaurants in Trogir area. Do the evening walk through tiny streets and squares during the Trogir Summer Festival and enjoy in the Folk dances, Classical concerts in the cathedral, or Jazz nights on Radovan square We shall feel the coolness of the sturdy walls and bastions, the lush beauty of the cathedral, the mystique of the streets and vaults, the harmony of color and form of the paintings, miniatures and carvings. In the quiet of the museums, treasuries, art collections and old libraries, amidst the monuments in stone, we shall follow the continuity of living and man's creativity in this climate where the sun and sea, stone and nature, have merged with life. Trogir Culture & History TROGIR -2800 years of history and life in this " treasury of art " town were always in balance giving the world a magnificent picture of cool and peace, which was recognized by UNESCO. Visit Trogir and feel the lush beauty of stone monuments, the mystique of the streets and vaults, coolness of the sturdy walls and bastions, the harmony of color and form of paintings and carvings. Trogir was founded by Greek colonists from the Island of Vis in the third century BC. On this antique matrix lies the historical core of Trogir, which is the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic town, in the Adriatic, and in Eastern Europe. Trogir's medieval core, surrounded by walls, is composed of a preserved castle and tower and a series of homes and palaces from Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. The grandest building of Trogir is the church of St. Lawrence. The main West portal is the masterpiece of Master Radovan, the most significant work of art in Dalmatia. Sites to visit: Town Museum: Placed in old part of Garagnin - Fanfogna palace, takes You on the voyage through Trogir rich history. Open daily from 08:00 till 13:00 and from 17:00 till 20:00 Church Art Collection and Old Benedictine nunnery Collection: Near South town gate, attached to St. Nicolas Church, open daily from 08:00 till 13:00 and from 15:00 till 19:00 Fortress Kamerlengo: Venetian defense citadel on western part of Trogir island. Open daily from 09:00 till 20:00 Price: 10kn - adults, 5kn - children & groups St. Lawrence cathedral bell-tower: 47m high tower with magnificent view over Trogir and the area. Open daily from 09:00 till 12:00 and from 16:00 till 19:00. Price: 5kn EXCURSION TROGIR: City and port at the western end of the Kastel bay.The city lies with its largest part on an island between the island Ciovo and the mainland.The location of the place is pictorial, the medieval architecture very well preserved and has numerous cultural and historical monuments. Trogir was established in the IIIrd century by colonialists from Greece, who came here over the island Vis. At Roman times the place develops to a port. After the decay of the Western Roman Empire it falls under Byzantine rule. Since the second half of the IX. Century pays Trogir tribute to the Croatian rulers SPLIT: On the shore where land and sea-routes cross, where at times the city of Salona flourished, where in antique times the province Dalmatia was established, where in the medieval times he city of Split started to grow. Here from the 5th – 2nd century BC Greek colonizers constructed their homes along the coast and the islands, where the emperor Diocletian had his spacey palace built in which he moved in 305, here the city of Split developed. The uniqueness is especially found in the local architecture, where only stone is used for construction, a material the region is very rich off. ŠIBENIK: As Croatian Castrum/castle city/under the fortress of St. Michael (until today it dominates over the city) Sibenik is mentioned for the first time in 1066 in the document of the ruler of the Croatian state - king Petar Krešimir IV. Šibenik gets the status of a city 1298, when the Šibenik diocese was established. At the entrance into the sea channel is the most important Renaissance fortress at the eastern side of the Adria, the fortress of St. Nicholas. One of the main objects of focus in Sibenik is surely the cathedral of St. Jacob, built entirely of stone, without any other materials NP KORNATI: One of the most developt island group of Jadran.About 150 islands,little islands and cliffs.Beautiful,clean and blue color of the sea(you will never meet one like that)comes to expression because of contrast with grey color of rock islands.True place for those who love nautic tourism and modern robinzons.Main center is Murter with administration NP KORNATI-boats go from there every day. NP KRKA: Contains province along the river Krka and 75 km long canyon and Prukljan lake where river creates noisy waterfalls:Krcic,Risnjak,Miljacka,Rosk waterfall(tall 26m) and Skradinski Buk(tall 46m).In enlargement of river Krka there is little island Visovac with famed monastery from 15 century.Park can be visited along the whole year and you can get there by boat or by your own car but only near the entrence for Skradin and Lozovac and from there you have to go with boat to NP. NATURE PARK BIOKOVO: Only place in the world where you can skii and then swim in wormly sea.Above the village Kostine in 1984 was established botanic garden,hortculture monument(16 ha)for protection and growing of plants.On Biokovo you can find mountain home under Vosac,mountain house under SV.Jure and on pond "Slobodan Ravlic".http://www.biokovo.com/ RAFTING CETINA: Experiance the beauty of untouched nature of canyon river Cetina on rafting wich can last 3 to 4 houres.Draw down along the river wich is long 16 km.On ceveral places along the river you can stop to have rest or to swim in bright Cetina.Every day during the whole year administration "Rafting" organizes tourist trips.Organized departure with wan or miniwan goes from Omis at 9am and 2pm.You move upstream.All information you can get at http://www.raft.hr/ Glass boat and Fish picnic Enjoy yoursel discovering the richness of Adriatic undersea world in a glassboat with friendly crew who will make your jurnery even more pleasant. During the voyage drink and food will be served. Glass boat excursion Enjoy yoursel discovering the richness of Adriatic undersea world in a glassboat with friendly crew who will make your jurnery even more pleasant. During the voyage drink and food will be served. Fish Picnic Departure every morning at 9:30. During the voyage, sightseeing of nearby island and bathing, drinks and cookies (wafers) are served on the ship. At about 13:00 arrival to the Rat cove of Ciovo island, where a rich lunch awaits you (fish, salad, drinks, fruits and coffe). After lunch, bathing and return to the departure point at 17:00. Go out of your homes and meet the new and traditional Croatia. Find your best holiday in Croatia, from owners direct Croatia.

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