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Vacation house, Kuća za odmor "ZORRA" - Živogošče (Zivogosce)
City - Town: ŽIVOGOŠĆE (ZIVOGOSCE), Makarska riviera, Split region, Dalmatia, Dalmatien, Dalmazia, Croatia, Croazia, Kroatien, Chorwacja, Choravtsko, Horvatorzag, Croatie, Hrvaška, Croacia, Hrvatska
AP1 75 m2 6+2 persons
Price: Min 70€ - Max 120€
Owner contact info
Vacation house, Kuća za odmor "ZORRA" - Živogošče (Zivogosce)
Davor Klaričić (Klaricic)
Porat bb, Živogošće, Kroatien, Croazia, Chorwacja, Chorvatsko; Horvatorszag
Telefon / Phone: Click here
E-Mail: Click here
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General info
500 m8 km
80 km
3 km 500 m 500 m 500 m 500 m
500 m 500 m       
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Extra description

Vacation house, villa Zorra, Zivogosce. About Us Živogošće is situated at the southern part of the Makarska Riviera, at the foot of Biokovo. It consists of three smaller, equally distant villages– Porat - Mala Duba – Blato, situated near to the coast and the old hamlets along the old road. It is 20 km from Makarska, 80 km from Split and 120 km from Dubrovnik. Živogošće was already a settlement during Illyrian and Roman times, evidence of which are the Illyrian crowds/tombs/ at the peak of the Suzine hill and the ruins of the rustic villas in Mala Duba and Blato. The famous Licinijan epigram from 474 B.C consisting of 16 Latin hexameters – and the most beautiful example of classical literature – is engraved on an exposed stone above the Pokrivenice spring, located by the shore. With these words the Roman, Questor Licinian, celebrates the spring of "sweet water" that still flows there today. As a village, Živogošće was first mentioned in the middle of the 13th century. The Franciscan monastery in Živogošće, founded in 1616, was for many centuries the centre of both the spiritual life and the literacy of this area, having a rich library and a valuable art collection. When the notable development of tourism began in this area over forty years ago, the village has steadily taken its present form. The natural beauties of olive groves and pine forests overlooking the fine pebble beaches, 6km of inter-connected beaches, with a clean and unpolluted sea, all situated at the foot of a high mountain whose highest peak - Sutvid is 1155 m high, provide tourists with a very special atmosphere and ensure a pleasant stay. Holiday house The HOLIDAY HOUSE is situated half way between the Nimfa hotel and the Pansion Klaričić. This detached building is 200 m from the Pansion Klaričić and 150 m from the sea. It is modernly furnished, with two three-bedded rooms, a living room and kitchen and two additional beds. There is a bathroom with a separate WC; the house is also equipped with satellite TV, air-conditioning, a balcony and a large terrace with a huge garden and a barbecue. The house is suitable for larger families with children as well as for groups of friends. With an additional payment it is possible to have breakfast and dinner in the Pansion Klaričić. N.B. The house has a private car parking area situated in the courtyard as well as a shaded area.

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